Who, What, Why


Thanks for stopping by!  This site is still in its birthing stage with a lot of work to go.  I am Kim Meneses, a part of the “Frozen Chosen” in Palmer, Alaska.  I go by many names, Kim, Kimber, Kimmy, mom, dear, bride….but another name I take ownership of is Child of God!  🙂 The blog will just bring me back to my love of writing…if your looking for grammar errors, you will find them…because the writing will be casual and not for a grade.

My focus for the blogs is to provide a weekly (daily would be spreading myself to thin) biblical and inspirational devotion or thought.  I love Jesus and I love the wisdom and inspiration He gives.  I get “sermons” but I am not a public speaker. 🙂 I can sing in front of a crowd of people with my whole heart but am not a speaker.  But, like the songs that He gives me, I don’t believe God gives us profound inspiration to keep to ourselves.  So, my desire is to touch your heart, minister to your needs and help you fall deeper in love with the Lord.

The page will focus on “Music” and “Message”  and extra fun and thought provoking questions….

Check back for updates regularly!

Blessings, Kim

2012??  Wow, a lot has gone on since the last entry. Time escapes us way, way to fast. The biggest change is geographic-we moved from Alaska to Texas. So, I guess the frozen theme must change.  Hmm, have to think about that one.
Well, I hope and pray I am more diligent in my task and can keep up with this – this time!

Here’s to a victorious new year!


One thought on “Who, What, Why

  1. Just saw that you recently hooked up to Facebook and I followed the link over. I haven’t spoken to you in awhile and I wanted to send a “Howdy” from TX. Tell everybody in AK hello from me and Jackie. Talk to you soon…

    “If you would lift me up you must be on higher ground”
    -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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