Identity…an interesting word. Tonight, we found ourselves in a crazy celebration of identity.

This morning, we made a day trip to visit my father-in-law who is in the state for a few weeks. Along the way, we stopped by one of my aunt’s house. Somehow in the old storage shed at her house she found a box of old family photos….my HUSBAND’S family photos-probably from the 70’s when his dad pastored a church there. My grandfather was the retired minister so there is a connection to this oddity.

We spent the day taking a walk down his family’s memory lane…finding old school photos, church photos and even my husband’s baby picture. 

A few years ago I remember him telling me he struggled to remember a lot from his childhood…he didn’t recall his parents having any photos of him from his childhood. Well now we know that is because their family photos were stored away for over 30 years. 

In August 2015…I had just gone through the heartbreak of losing my mom. Sadly, the day before mom passed, we lost our fur baby too.

Normally, there was this crazy, fuzzy, white-haired Maltese that would excitingly greet me at the door…Unfortunately, on my first night back home, there was no pup to greet me. I couldn’t even make it out of the car without breaking down in tears. I knew my white fur ball would not be running out to his mama. 

A couple of weeks later, we were questioning when would be the right time to search for another fur-baby. How in the world would I ever find a snuggle bug like my Obi-wan?

Well…little did we know that our new snuggle bug would find us. But boy what a difference from a chill senior Maltese to a one year old Schnauzer mix! I am sure that when Kodi (short for Kodiak) moved in, my blood pressure went up! 

He drove me nuts! Ate my shoes! Chewed up socks! Crawled out under the fence! Toured our neighborhood a few times! Once, he ran out of the car…around the cul-de-sac, down the street, to the elementary school and across a busy street following kids home. He was definitely an energetic toddler! 

A year and half later, he is much calmer now and surprisingly, well behaved! Everyone who meets him loooooves him and asks, “What breed is he?” 
Uh, part Schnauzer and part–I don’t know! 

On the ride home from our visit today, someone posted a picture of a Yorkie on Facebook. I thought, “Boy, that sure resembles our Kodi.” I showed my husband and he agreed. So I searched part Schnauzer-part Yorkie… and discovered such a thing as Schnorkies! Who knew?!

So we came home all excited to finally know what he is! Over and over we told Kodi, “You’re our little schnorkie!” 

Of course all he cared about was the dinner we brought home! 

My husband excitedly told Kodi, “We know what you are!” I chuckled as I thought how exciting it must be for God when we as His children find our identity in Him! When we come to know “who we are” in Christ! That we are no longer questioning who we are and “who’s” we are when we are adopted into the family of God! We are His! 

Much like Kodi, today my husband found more of his identity. He no longer has to wonder why his mom didn’t have photos of him–Did they not care? Were they not proud? Was he even their child? Yes, yes and yes. But sometimes our little minds want to play with us and tease us into questioning who we really are.  

Kodi could care less of what breed he is. He just wants to be loved and cared for with tasty treats and belly rubs.  

We can search for our past of who we were–it may be fun, exciting and helpful…or it can hurt. But the point is—we need to be excited about who we are in Christ because the remnants of who we were will never be as exciting as who we are now! The righteousness of God! A child of the King! An heir of Salvation! 

Our identity doesn’t lie solely in our breeding or upbringing-our true identity is in Jesus Christ! 


2 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Knowing our true identity, in Christ, is so important! We don’t get beaten up by the lies of the enemy, when we are confident. So glad your husband got to see his baby photos and Kodiak’s identity was established. Enjoyed your post!

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