How Do I Know Part 2

I pulled into our driveway, wiped my tears and put on my strong face for my daughter. I can’t hide from her because the first thing she asked, “Why were you crying?” 

I told her “Just stuff…” 

I did tell her that I didn’t even know if we could buy this house but I still have to look at it. We were running out of time. If this didn’t work out, we would just find an apartment to move into and wait out another lease before trying again.

Our small town has boomed over the last few years. The house we rented for five years would have sold for about $130K when we moved in. Now, homes in our cul-de-sac have sold for $185K and up. Our house buying budget was not that high. 
Still, I wanted to see the house and so did my daughter. So we took the drive to a neighboring town to see the house.

We arrived at the Model Home and spoke with the builder rep. Our agent had a family emergency so he couldn’t be there with us but he had communicated with the rep that we would be going by. So the rep expected us.

There were several homes under construction in the price we were seeking. So we browsed. My daughter and I weighed out the pros and cons of each one and it came down to one thing: which would be complete soonest?!? 

Still, we didn’t have enough money unless we used their preferred lender. The previous originator I spoke with was with a company tailored for buyers like us. This was not one of those lenders.

The builder rep offered to call their mortgage originator to see if they could qualify us. I reluctantly said yes. 

She called and handed me the phone. I was so nervous. I explained our “challenges” and scores and we went through the process…she was going to pull credit, run the numbers and call back in about 20 minutes. 

I forgot to mention that in this process we spoke to 5 lenders. Before today, we had 3 no’s and only 1 yes. So the odds were in our favor for another no but when she called back, she gave the thumbs up!

Wait? What? You will? Seriously? Are you sure? I was cautiously excited! 

Yes, we can buy but it will be 8 weeks before the home will be complete….we needed out in two. I knew a mortgage loan would take about a month and that I was prepared for…but 6 weeks was a little longer than I cared to be homeless. 

I called my husband who was at work and told him everything…I remember telling him, “We can keep searching but I think this is the miracle we have been praying for!” The builder rep smiled and shook her head…”This is your miracle!”

A week prior, my husband and I talked and said we wanted God to show His WOW factor…to totally blow us out of the water…to give us over and above what we were expecting. 

Placing the offer that day was easy. I told my husband it was easier than buying a car. It was easy to walk through the homes and say, “This one!” I am sure from the time we walked in until the time out was no more than an hour. That was the easy part. The time since then…  Welllll……

So since then: for the month of December, we crammed our family of 5 (4 legged baby included) into a friend’s camper…less than 200sf I might add… in the camper we had no running water, minimal heat (and fans) in this crazy Texas weather, no stove or microwave but we had shelter! It was crazy, adventure type madness but it beat the alternatives. We ate a few meals with our friends but did spend more money than planned on take out food. We were nearing the end of December and we didn’t know how we would make it another two weeks without dipping into house funds.

This was about the time the underwriter required more money in reserve funds…and we didn’t have it…and had no way to come up with it..we had hit a brick wall.  

My husband and I prayed and agreed we would continue to move forward in faith even though we didn’t have enough money. It was gonna have to be God because we literally had no where else to pull it from. 

A few days later, I checked our bank account which I did several times a day…I added up our funds to close constantly so I checked our account a lot! 

On New Year’s Eve, I looked and had a paycheck direct deposit. It wasn’t a payday.  

God used my employer to provide an extra paycheck at the end of the year that I wasn’t expecting…my employer was changing payroll processors (that I knew) but to my surprise, closed out 2016 payroll and paid us…that I didn’t know! That was our miracle to get us to the dollar amount the underwriter required. 🙌🏻

A couple of days before. a friend offered us to stay at their home. We would not have made it through without them. They housed us and fed us. They knew we had to save every dollar for the house….they happily served us in the love of the Lord and took us in as some of their own. I honestly am sad to leave. They have been that great!

December 31, the last day of the year was my first day of rest all month. We slept in peace and warmth that night. 

It hasn’t been the easiest 6 weeks but it is the end of the wait. Today, we became homeowners again. It’s not a mansion. It’s not filled with frills but it has everything we need!

In 2014, I didn’t see the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. I didn’t see how we would ever get out from under the financial effects of MS.  But, God showed up and showed off with His provision of this house. He has shown us that it’s a total God thing! 

God is good. He is faithful. He is amazing. To God be the glory. Home sweet home 🏡 


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