How Do You Know…Part 1

This is quite lengthy so I have broken it out into two parts…

Part 1: and go…
How do you know if it’s a God thing?

When all your biggest efforts produce nothing and you pray for God to move and things start coming together.

Back in November I posted about being in Alaska in the midst of preparing to move. Upon returning to Texas….I immediately sought after a lender who helped people with credit challenges. To my surprise, we were able to pre-qualify for a mortgage loan over the phone. Excited??? You bet! 

We had spoken to one back in September and we weren’t “quite there yet” with our credit scores. In my mind, there was no way I would rent again. It’s been 10 years! It was time! 

But back (forward) to November…

Excited about the new development, I was on a mission! House hunting asap! 

I work for a broker so my boss quickly got us into a house—one house–to view. Not for lack of trying but because this was the only house in our city in our price range! Yes…One! And guess what-it was a fixer upper.  

I’m not against fixers–they are fun but we only had down payment available. We didn’t have fixer funds or even closing cost funds for that matter. So we needed assistance with closing costs. The fixer had the price flexibility to help us out. So we decided to take a chance and wrote up our offer and waited for a response!!! 

And waited….and waited.

And waited some more.

The seller was out of state and had multiple offers and was not ready to make a decision…We waited long enough and decided it was time to move on and look for other options and search outside of our desired areas. So my Broker connected us with one of our agents to take on the tough challenge of finding a house in our budget in a rising seller’s market.

Our agent showed us a few other houses and one was great but not great–house was fab but was in a terrible area…

We looked at entry level new construction but it would take six months (or longer) before anything could be ready.

I scoured several MLS sites and Zillow daily (sometimes hourly)…and one house popped up out of nowhere. I sent it to our agent who called the builder rep for the deets and guess what???? 

You got it! It was sold! 😩

But they had others! And they were offering….wait for it: 4% buyer assistance! 😱Really??!? 

Yes! But….
For buyers who use the builder’s preferred lender….😩

Builder mortgage company? Remember our challenged credit scores? 

I drove home from work that day in tears. I was tired, discouraged and worn out. I remember praying and crying, “God, why is everything so hard?!”

For once can we have something happen easily? The last few years have been incredibly hard. MS moved in and created chaos, debt, mental, emotional and financial stretching beyond belief…and now we are going to have to settle for a house that isn’t what we want or…rent again.  

I remember telling Him-not that He forgot but that His word tells us His yoke is easy and His burden is light…and I could really use some of that…


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