All I’ve Ever Wanted

I was blessed this morning to be back with “my ladies,” my sisters in Christ from our former home church. Four ladies who have been through thick and thin….can talk to you and tell you, “What the heck?” But also cry with you and pray with you and walk with you.  
I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one talk with one and just talked about the onslaught of trials we have both been hit with. She asked if I wanted to talk about it and I said no. Maybe someday but not today.  

I told her how recently I went to the Abundance Women’s Conference in Dallas a few weeks ago. I went away with the thought—what if my trials have nothing to do with me or my husband….what if the focus of the enemy is to silence me. If I can’t tell my story, God will not be glorified. If I shut my mouth from singing, God will not be magnified. 

I told her I haven’t sang in a long time. In fact if I open my mouth to sing right this minute I would give Alfalfa a run for his money!! Her words were, “The anointing breaks the heavy yoke—and your voice is anointed.”

I know it’s a calling. Obviously it’s why I started this blog years ago. I had a Facebook memory recently that stated how much had come against my family since I had started recording “Days of Grace.” 
There has been so much “noise” and this “quiet” time away allows me to reflect and allow God to (as my friend said), put salve on the wounds. It’s no surprise God unplugged me! 
Being unplugged does mean no Internet based Amazon music…no soft piano to help me sleep…so I have the treasure of a select few songs that I actually downloaded to my phone!! Songs that gave me a solid foundation throughout my walk–before life became complicated. Incredible women who made such an impact on my life as a baby Christian – Amy Grant, Margaret Becker and the one and only CeCe Winans. 

Honest music that spoke to me many years ago still speaks volumes! If you have never heard these, find them and give a listen. So many powerful lyrics that break heavy yokes…I can’t put them all but here’s a few bits I love! 

Lord, give me faith to believe I have not sang my last song. 

“Storms will come and storms will go. I wonder just how many storms it takes until I finally know you’re here always!”

“I have found a place where I can hide. It’s safe inside your arms of love. Like a child who’s held throughout a storm, you keep me warm in your arms of love! ” 

Amy Grant-Arms of Love

“You weren’t there the night He found me. You did not feel what I felt when He wrapped His loving arms around me. You don’t know the cost of the oil…you don’t know the cost of my praise….you don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box.”

CeCe Winans-Alabaster Box

“Say the name. Say the name that soothes the soul…The name of gentle healing and peace immutable.

I’ll say the name that has heard my cry, has seen my tears and wiped them dry. From now until the end of time-I’ll say the name.”

Margaret Becker-Say the Name

“I pray for hands that hold you higher than anything else and a heart that loves you more than life itself.”

Margaret Becker-All I’ve Ever Wanted 

“No more lives torn apart and wars would never start and time would heal all hearts! And everyone would have a friend and right would always win and love would never end. This is my grownup Christmas list..”

Amy Grant


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