Good Morning Alaska….or not…

For many folks, Alaska is a great place to unplug…and get away from the hustle and bustle of life and escape into the land of amazing scenery, incredible wildlife and outdoor recreation. Many come to get away from it all and hide away in solitary rural, rustic cabins. This is Alaska-home of the last frontier.

Me, I came for a wedding. And found myself in a forced unplug! 
Remember life before internet phones…Before our lives were consumed by this remarkable yet addictive device called a cell phone. Remember when one had to use the phone for its initial design? Yep. I sure do.

My first morning back in the AK and my phone has no signal….hmm ok well it has to be that the lower half of the home I’m in is decked out in concrete. I was that crazy person holding her phone to windows, to the ceiling, step by step on the stairwell waiting for that data upload! I even went upstairs where I had the signal the night before. Nothing. Just an endless circle going around and around and around.  

I text my husband good morning and he doesn’t text me back. This is odd because Texas is 3 hours ahead of Alaska…and I know he is awake and anxiously waiting to hear from his bride. But nothing. 

No Facebook! No messenger! No Bible devotions! No email! No…no..no…I felt like Timon from the Lion King, “What’s going on here?!” 

So I did what any sane person would do in the 90’s. I made a phone call. I dialed my husband’s number to have a verbal conversation! Gasp! I know, huh? 

I got his voice mail. Aaaah! Dread! Why aren’t you answering? Not really. I knew he was at work and probably not able to answer his phone. So I left a message and explained that my phone had revolted and left me in cellular solitude and could he please help me!!! 😦 He did…..or tried.

So apparently our fabulous no-limit data cell phone plan has hit a brick wall….or in my case, Alaska! The land of the last frontier and place where Sprint has no data towers and a tiny amount of data roaming. And not a darn thing they can do to plug me back in to life on the iPhone. 😱 Thank God for Internet cafes–I have to get my daily mocha!! May as well plug in for a few minutes while sipping slowly on some whipped cream and java!

What did I ask God for yesterday before the panic set in: 

time of renewal, restoration, peace for my soul, relationship building and perspective. And somewhere in all of these requests, let me be a blessing to others. 

At the end of this trip, I will either have a newfound detachment to my phone or be joining a cell phone anonymous group….I really hope it isn’t the second one! 

“What’s beyond my control, is in His control.” Holly Furtick

Reason: The Wedding 

Purpose: Rewind, Unwind, Unplug

God is in the center.

(BTW: this post is possible because somehow on Day 5 of my trip, by some miracle…I have data as of 5 minutes ago….hmm!)


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