Travel Day

Travel day: Midway through the travel day, as I’m sitting at LAX, I get word that my daughter’s best friend may be having a miscarriage. By our next stop in Seattle, she confirmed what she feared. Having experienced this kind of pain before, my heart broke for our young friend to experience this tragic loss. At the same time, it was a relief to know we were arriving that day for my daughter to be with her best friend.  

Reason: The Wedding. But, how can I deny that God has purpose in this trip? 
The soon to be bride and her soon to be husband picked us up at the airport. Hug, hug, hug. Shake, shake, luggage…next stop: FOOD! Okay sort of. 

We pulled in to a McDonald’s drive through and there is a young man out there in the lanes. He goes to the car next to us then slowly comes to us. 

The groom rolls the window down some and the man outside tells the groom aka driver that he hasn’t eaten anything all day and could he buy him something to eat.  

Normally, if someone on the street asked for money, my first inclination is no. I know I’m a bad Christian but I said normally. But, I lived in Anchorage long enough to know the professional panhandlers had a better take home pay than I did. But, this person didn’t ask for money. He asked for food. How can you deny someone food? 

Not batting an eye, not looking at the rest of us for approval or disapproval, he says, “Sure, man! Not a problem.” The guy seemed shocked and asked, “You will?” Driver repeats, “Yea, man, not a problem.”

So we get up to place the order and our new friend-soon to be groom asks for a meal to be bagged separately. The young guy is waiting at the end of the drive through. While I’m thinking, God, “please don’t let him have a gun and rob us…”, he has a look of “I hope this guy doesn’t just drive by and not give me food!” Our friend hands him the food and drink, blesses him and the guy is happily on his way.

Revelation 1: Provision. 

God uses the kindness of others for divine provision. Who knows how many people this guy had asked. At least one that we saw before he asked our driver. 

Sometimes we feel like we ask God over and over for something and we get a disappointing no after no. Then, we ask again…and boom, provision.  

God made that provision weeks ago when He arranged our arrival for that specific date and time….or go back even to the engagement date…first date…initial meeting or even….when we were all formed in the wombs of our mothers.  

Reason: The Wedding. 

Purpose: Provision

 – food for a hungry young man

 – provision of a long and beautiful friendship that began when one young girl decided to say hi to another young girl in church youth group to be with her on this day when she needed her best friend.

God is so awesome like that.


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