10 Days

Anytime I’m in a new situation whether good or bad, happy or sad, positive or negative…I pray and ask the Lord for a fresh revelation…a fresh message from Him. My daughter and I arrived in Alaska last night for a 10 day visit…Preparing for it was kind of bittersweet. For one, my “other daughter,” my daughter’s best friend is getting married! So, she will be maid of honor! Plus, it is exciting to return to hug on necks not seen in 4 years or longer…but there is so much going on at home–like moving and finding a place to live–that 10 days away from home right now isn’t great timing.

But what do I know.

So waking up after a restless six hours of sleep and traveling from 8 am – 8 pm (with a 3 hour time difference I might add), my body and brain are a little mixed up! I should be sleeping, right? Nope. So, I did what I normally do when I can’t sleep–talk to God. 

I talk to God about the 9 days ahead…ask Him for a time of renewal, restoration, peace for my soul, relationship building and perspective. Somewhere in all of these requests, let me be a blessing to others. 

Since we arrived at night, it was too dark to see the beautiful mountains that await me this morning. I know that seeing them will cause me to take in a deep breath in awe of God’s majesty…and remind me that God is at the center of everything this visit.

The reason for the trip is the wedding of my daughter’s BFF but the purpose is going to be revealed daily. It will be deep. It will be funny and may be even a little sad…but in just the short time I’ve been here…I can sense that God has started and is going to show me a LOT in the next 10 days.

Join me on this daily adventure of Alaska renewal. I promise you will be blessed.


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