Dish Soap (oh no, not another kitchen post)

I shared this on my Facebook page recently and meant to share here…still good for today! 

I was chuckling yesterday as I was working real hard to get out the last few drops of dish soap…granted it was Seventh Generation, which is my FAVORITE dish soap brand! But I was determined to not let a drop go to waste! I chuckled wondering if I am the only crazy person in this world who does that! 

In my mind, I thought, why not just toss the bottle?! My mind “defended” my actions by thinking, “But it’s so good – I just can’t let this goodness go to waste!” So I shook and squeezed, then added some water to get the rest out. Presto! A sink full of suds!

I quickly had a thought…that’s how it is with the things of God! Each of us has something inside us–that goodness or gift that maybe we have allowed to sit upside down on the sink…not really wanting to throw it away but not getting much use out of it…rather than throw it out we try to get that last bit of goodness out…

God is looking at your gift and saying…there is still a drop left…a remnant…a little of it sticking to the edges waiting to be shaken and squeezed…waiting for that little bit of water (God’s anointing) to mix it up with…and be poured out in abundant overflow….into His fullness. He doesn’t need much to work with! Just a drop can make a sink full!


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