Things I’ve Learned

Reflecting: Today marks two years since my son was diagnosed with MS.

Things I’ve learned having chronic illness in the home.

  • Pick your battles. There are many. You can’t fight them all. Don’t try to…save your energy for the ones that matter most.
  • Have patience with people. You aren’t the only one in crisis. Everyone has something going on in their lives. You just can’t see it.
  • It’s okay to not be at church every Sunday. It won’t happen. Don’t expect others to understand. Most won’t. God knows your heart and your situation. They don’t. And it’s okay.
  • Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t cause it. You didn’t make it happen. This is life. Sometimes it stinks. Find the good. Release the bad. Remember to breathe.
  • Don’t expect life to return to normal. It won’t. Find a new normal. Cherish the good days. Pray through the bad. Praise God through them all. He didn’t change. Life did.

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