Naked Tree

Christmas really came quickly this year…every year the days seem to disappear and before you know it, it’s Christmas again. It surprises me to see the Facebook “On This Day” reminders and think, “I just posted that a few months ago!”

Last year on this day, we had a tree up but was still not decorated. If you have followed my blog you’ll know the chaos that erupted last year. This year I had hoped to plan better. We did…sort of…at least we have a decorated tree up. However, again we have no outside decorations and are the cul-de-sac grinch family!

Several years ago…we were always the ones behind the scenes working on church Christmas programs. It’s hard to do that when you are “church homeless.” Even though we have many minister friends, we still haven’t found “that” place to plant ourselves…haven’t found a normalcy after ms.

With all the ms madness and losing mom this year…I’ve felt a little numb to it all. I have my moments where I think I’m going to just enjoy the holidays then a song comes on the radio that mom loved…or a movie moment…or even commercials…and I think when does the enjoyment start again??

Today, finally felt like Christmas. A friend invited us to their church Christmas service. The lights, the choir, the nativity….the tenderness of all we have held dear in the past was present tonight. The pleasant reminder of how both of my children at a young age accepted Christ in their hearts – at a Christmas presentation. The precious joy that here we are – as a family soaking in the Christ of Christmas.

I don’t know what next Christmas will hold…where it will be or how we will celebrate. I do know I can take into it the joy of Christ today…regardless of how hard life gets, what we “lost” this past year…we can embrace His presence each time we remember His present. He was born in a manger…to bear our sin on a cross and grant us forgiveness of sins…restore relationship with the Father and have eternity with Him.

Like the naked tree we had last year…we have a blank page with Christmas…we can write the story, (adorn the tree) and make Christmas as beautiful as possible in our hearts. Maybe it’s decorated with memories of a loved one…or joy of a new family addition or just a simple light that glows just to symbolize His presence.

Whatever it may be to you today, let the peace of Christ rule and reign in your heart. Life is fleeting. Treasure today…this hour…this moment. Take time to remember what is truly important this season. Merry Christmas!


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