Our Living Hope

Holy Spirit
One of the my favorite worship songs is, “Holy Spirit” as performed by Francesca Battistelli. It’s one of those songs where you just want to throw your hands up and fall on your face before God.

This morning, as I headed out on to the highway, the song came on the radio. Immediately, I began to tear up…trying to drive while fighting back the tears. My daughter asked if I was ok and all I could say through the tears was…, “This song…”

This song had taken me back to 4 months ago, to the hotel room in Texarkana where I wept and cried for my mother who was sick and frail in the hospital….it took me back to the hospital room where mom laid helpless connected to life support. It took me back to the final hours alone with mom before the rest of our family arrived from their 5 hour drive to say goodbye before mom took her last breath. 

I have loved this song for the peace of God’s promise of His presence! His Hope! His Glory! As I heard it this morning I was reminded of how we live this life by faith in expectation of the day we are forever in His presence. The song ministered to me during those last days with mom…it “kept me together” as I worshipped, prayed and cried out to God…seeking His peace and presence in those painful hours…The nurses said the music was good for mom to hear too even if she couldn’t respond.

This morning, I was reminded how in those moments with mom, she was moments away from receiving the fulfillment of His promises. She died peacefully forgiven of her sins, prepared to go home to meet her Lord…..and forever be in His presence.

I will never hear this song the same way again. I will forever be reminded of how His presence with us on earth gently escorts us into His presence in eternity. 


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