Victory Dance

Although I am pretty tired at the moment, I feel like at the stroke of midnight we should be doing some kind of victory dance…..a dance of “we made it” through this incredibly challenging year. I can hear Barry Manilow in the background singing. “Looks Like We Made It!”

Like many of you, we have been through hard times (levels of hell, as I call it sometimes) but this has by FAR been the most difficult year! How do we survive this kind of year? This kind of heartache?? This level of hell???

One day….

One hour…

One moment at a time….

By the kindness of loved ones and surely by the goodness and Grace of God that gives us strength to breathe, move and be.

The photo below is of a young lady we have had the honor to meet on this MS journey. At age 15,  she was diagnosed the same day as my son.  This photo was taken in the midst of an exacerbation. Her strength and beauty is inspiring.  After months in and out of the hospital, tonight she “feels great!”

So, if you are awake at midnight, get a lil’ crazy and dance—in the physical, spiritual or even if it’s in your mind or dreams! Dance like David danced! Do the “Elaine” dance or Carlton’s favorite steps…wave your hands around like John Travolta…dance slow…fast…alone, or with a loved one…Makes no difference! Just dance!! Do it for yourself…for whatever challenge you faced that tried to beat you – and didn’t!

Happy New Year! Be safe. Be blessed. Dance.

This is a photo of a friend's daughter. Diagnosed with MS on 5/1/14 at age 15.


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