All Grow’d Up!

The night of June 14, 1996, I awoke from a nap…I felt so tired after grocery shopping so I went for a rest..  When I woke up, it happened…the slight move out of bed and “swoosh!”

I tried to not panic..and I called out to my husband in the living room…

“I’m gonna need a towel.” 

No mad dash for the car. No crazies running around the house…No chaotic screaming through the house like in the movies, “It’s time!”

We calmly gathered our things and drove to the hospital in anticipation of our new baby.

We knew it would be a while…first ones always take longer I was told…so we waited…walked the halls, waited…slept…waited…waited…and did I tell you we waited??

Thirty-six hours later……….the words, “It’s a girl” forever changed our lives!

Today..18 years later, I can say our lives were changed so amazingly better.  I couldn’t ask for a better daughter, a different daughter or even for a change in my daughter.

She’s as perfect as the day she was born! And yes, just as she arrived on her own time, she lives each day on her own time…no rush..calmly and peacefully she goes through, yea, we still wait…

Happy Birthday to my Butterfly!  You’re all grow’d up now!


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