If Life Were A Robert Downey, Jr Movie….

One of the great things about life is that one day, it stinks like an overfilled garbage can and the next day, it smells like roses…

I always get my greatest and most profound thoughts, connections and “aha” moments early in the morning when my brain is fresh and alert…in the stillness of the morning before chaos tries to take over…in the blissful, solitude found in only one place –  underneath a hot, running shower.  I know, not the most inspirational place but it is often the quietest corner of the house some days!

Each week, like many families around the world, we gather together for Family Movie Night. Each of us has a turn selecting the feature film and the entire family HAS to watch…yes, there are groans and grrs..because if it’s “your turn,” you can select THAT movie that no one else wants to watch..Recently, my daughter held us captive with “The Avengers.”  I did want to watch that by the way…She’s a big THOR fan (okay, more like Chris Hemsworth). And me? I-LOVE-IRON-MAN…yes, I said that in the Ozzy Osbourne song intro voice.

As a parent, I always look for God’s teachable moments.  I explained to my kids how I love that Robert Downey, Jr. overcame his life challenges to take on such an amazing role and KILL IT!

But, anyway…back to the deep thought session I was talking about..

The thought came to me…If life were like a Robert Downey, Jr. movie, we can go from “Less Than Zero” to “Iron Man.” Growing up in the 80’s, I loved all the 80’s teen movies…teen angst, like ohmagawd and all that fun, crazy, stuff that makes us roll our eyes after age 40! In the midst of those dorky teen flicks, came, “Less Than Zero,” which is NOT a good choice for family movie night.  A good movie, yes..but NOT family friendly.

In short: RDJ’s character came from a wealthy family and had “the good life!” Still, real life found him caught up in a serious drug addiction, leading him to a life enslaved by his demons and drug dealing “friend.” Most of us know someone who has dealt with addiction and can see/have seen the unimaginable and unbelievable choices made from addiction. This character was no different..he did not just reach zero status but a less than zero life rating. Sadly, the character never overcame the addiction. The addiction over came him. But, in life, Robert Downey, Jr. did overcome.

I won’t go in depth into his life’s challenges but I will say, RDJ fought his own life drug addictions and consequences of them…and eventually rose above the “zero” status. I have great admiration for him and anyone else who can wrestle with their demons and come out victorious…and eventually become, you know it…Iron Man.

So, if you are in the middle of your battle, if you are in a less than zero status, remember, God has already given each of us our own Iron Man suit to wear! His Word calls it The Armor of God! So, grab your suit and put it on, dig in your heels, stand firm and remind yourself, “I AM IRON MAN!”

 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. Ephesians 6:11


Photo from: http://www.heartlight.org


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