Serving God in a Fast Food Nation

It seems lately our family schedule has erupted with activities. Whether it is church service, church activities, school events, doctor appointments or whatever it may be.  Just looking at our family schedule this week, the only evening “off” is Thursday.  Every other day and night is full.  Where do I get some “me” time?  Most importantly, where does God get some God time?

Everything and everyone is in a hurry to get nowhere fast!  No time to cook so we grab fast food on the run…eat in the car on the way…We want instant results. Instant gratification and instant access at all times!  We move, we run and we are doing ten other things mentally at the same time!

One of my hobbies is couponing.  Okay, more than a hobby…since I haven’t worked a full-time job since last August it is the way I earn my keep.  As a couponer, it takes time to organize, plan and find the best deals. So, I don’t shop in a rush or I’ll make mistakes and spend more than I should. Mostly, I don’t shop during busy times.  Last week, at the grocery store only one cashier was open. I had A LOT of coupons so, it takes time for the cashier to run them through the scanner.  The woman behind me had three items.  I suggested she check out at the food counter if she were in a rush.  I loved her response. “Life moves too fast. If I can’t stop for five minutes, then I have bigger problems!”

When was the last time we stopped for five minutes?  Ten minutes?  If we are too busy for ourselves, God help us not be too busy for Him.  Sometimes, we get too busy doing the things of God that we become robotic.

How do we get quality time with God in a rush…?  STOP!  Give the next five minutes to God.
Breathe. Pray…and more than just praying for the slow cars to move out of your way! Put some worship music on in the car. Listen to Bible on cd in your car…those help.  But mostly, find time to sit and be with God and His Word.  Life is too short and changes quickly.  Take time to spend with God before the madness begins.

Surely, God deserves more than five minutes a day…and I’m not saying that’s all we should give Him. But, what a difference the day would be if every chance we get, we stop and say, “Lord, the next five minutes is just focused on you!” Start with five…Then, add another five…and another…soon, we’ll have many “fives with God” throughout the day.  When we get into those hectic schedule days…stop and give Him five to pray for focus, direction, peace or whatever it is you need at that moment.  Or just five minutes to say, “Thank you, Lord!”

Prayer: Lord, may I never be too busy to stop and breathe in Your life’s breath….and enjoy it.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  Psalm 46:10 New International Version (NIV)


One thought on “Serving God in a Fast Food Nation

  1. Amen.He . Surely does deserve more than what we are giving Him.

    If we are to busy to read the bible to busy to pray. Then we are busier then God ever intended for us to be.

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