Praying for Jamar

How is it that someone you have never met before leaves such an impression on your heart?  I’ve never met Jamar Rogers – an incredibly gifted and talented singer.  I’ve never had that privilege.  Still, my heart is saddened right now as he is battling some health issues and in need of a miracle.  

If you’ve ever watched American Idol or The Voice, chances are you know of Jamar.  Sadly, he was cut early on during Season 8 of Idol. Although not as quickly, he did get eliminated from Season 2 of The Voice.  Both times I shook my head in disbelief…Jamar has a voice that needs to be heard!

What is about him??

I have to say, it’s the ray of light and life that radiates from his eyes and his smile.  It’s the character of an over-comer who has faced many challenges that could have easily destroyed him.  It’s the spirit of a warrior who may be be down but not out and gets up over and over and over again.

When he sings, his AMAZING voice draws you into his heart and every note, every lyric is so genuine. You can’t fake that kind of passion and conviction.  You just can’t.  Even my husband who is not into pop, rock or top 40 music, really likes Jamar. As a singer myself, there are certain artists I would love to sing with at least once…just once!  Jamar is on that list…

Jamar: you are loved and I join many others in lifting you up to Lord for healing.  Your life is an amazing testimony of how God can pick us up from our darkest hours and turn things around to bring hope and love to others.  God bless you young man! 


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