Trusting in the Lord

A friend of mine has been on my mind.  I saw her this past Saturday and she didn’t seem herself.  Normally, she is bubbly and giggly.  She seemed a little somber Saturday.  

Yesterday morning, I was thinking about her sad disposition.  I just said a simple prayer for her and husband.  Immediately, the Lord told me to gather some items from my stockpile and give them to her.  One of my “hobbies” is clipping coupons.  I love saving money that way and getting a few freebies here and there. I don’t have a large stockpile but enough to share a few things here and there.  

So, I quickly went through my pantry and cabinets and grabbed some essentials…shampoos, soaps, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dish soap, paper towels and more.  It was a nice box of supplies when all was done.  I didn’t have any large toothpastes so I ran out and grabbed some toothpaste and mouthwash with my CVS rewards. 

Anyway…I texted her to see when we could meet up.  After a few texts, curiosity got her and she called and asked, “What do you have??”  

I explained that the Lord had her on my mind and told me to put a few things together for her. She dug deeper….so I told her all that I had in the box. 

She immediately teared up.  The first words out of her mouth were, “It’s been so hard!” She had not told anyone but they have had a very hard time financially.  She said, that she and her husband were just “Trusting in the Lord” to provide for them.  

When I started my small stockpile, I told my husband I want to use it for others in need. Our hearts are to start a local church group and have a food pantry available.  I told my husband if someone doesn’t have money for food, they surely don’t have money for essentials.  So, today I’ll meet with my friend’s husband to deliver this gift.  

Thank you Lord for your provision – for teaching me how to save for my family but also for others…the provision goes on! 


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