Photo by Marian Trinidad, courtesy of creationswap.com

Hard to believe I’ve let this sit for so long.  Time goes by…work…family…etc…we moved to another state two years ago and this blog has collected internet dust…so to revive it, I wanted to share something a friend emailed me back in May 2011. This was shortly before the move. Because of the move, I met this sweet woman of God.  I hope it blesses and encourages you to take that step off the spiritual ledge.. 🙂

“The other day I took notice of my little one.  Still clumsily walking.  When she got to the door step end she stopped at the drop to the sidewalk below.  Although small to us, it seemed much larger to her.  But she just stretched her little leg out and tipped herself forward off the ledge just hoping to land flat on the ground.  And you know she taught me something.  God gives us many many ledges in life.  They are HUGE ledges to us, but to God they are a mere step out of a doorway.  Girl, sometimes you just have to stick your leg out and lean.  If you take a stumble reach for help.  Just like my little one would have if she had fallen. God wants us to trust Him.  He gives us these ledges so we can trust Him.  He may let us fall a little, but only to teach us and mold us in some way.  But just like any mommy to their babies…He is always there to pick us up, brush us off, and love us.”


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