Faith for Sale?

How much is faith worth to you?  50 cents? A dollar? $5.00? 

My husband and I are avid garage sale shoppers.  I was raised to be “thrifty” and for many things, not all, the first place I look is either a garage sale or the local thrift store.  Now, don’t think I’m cheap! There are some things you just shouldn’t buy used but this isn’t a blog about that…maybe the next one! 

In our garage sale adventures today, we had only about an hour to spare so we hit only three today.  We found a few treasures that were awesome deals.  Okay, yea, at garage sales, yea, I’m cheap!

One of the many items we come across at sales is The Bible.  Usually, we pick up a used Bible for a few coins to a few dollars.  We buy them, give them away, save them for a time when someone may need a bible, or take them to the church to have extra bibles.  We know the real value and price of a new Bible.  When we can get them for a buck or two, SCORE!

Today’s find, however, struck a different chord in me. My husband picked up a BEAUTIFUL bible for $1.00!  It is gorgeous, burgundy, leather-bound King James Version, with Dictionary and Concordance. It has nice gold foil on the page ends and is beautifully engraved with the recipient’s name. Inside was a signed heartfelt blessing from the giver to the recipient.  The person giving this Bible went to great work to bless the receiver.  My guess is the retail value to be $40 to $50 new.

In all its beauty lies dust covering its golden, untouched edges.  The binder remains firmly intact with no evidence of usage or wear and tear.  Just inside the front cover is a bookmark engraved (again) with the recipients name and a blessing for each time he reads God’s word. 

Again, the Bible shows no signs of studying to show one’s self approved…or even a chance browse to see what God’s breath of life holds–just a small crinkling at the top edge. Perhaps it crinkled from being jammed into a corner bookshelf or underneath a bunch of other books, read so diligently, taking preference over the anointed Word of God.  It is a couple of years old purchased from a bookstore no longer in business. My guess is the sword was left untouched until today– only to be set on a table with other “treasures” sold for pennies on the dollar.

My heart was saddened today. I know this person through our sphere of contacts through my job.  Normally, I walk away from the sales with a great deal and a new Bible…today I walked away saddened. Saddened, that there are many in our community, in this nation and world, who have sold their faith for a few pennies. Many who have chosen to put down their sword, shut out the bread of life, and walk away from their protection and guide…. in a time where mankind needs to cling for dear life.

Now, I’m not opposed to selling Bibles…. I have old Bibles, new Bibles…some I give away, some I hang onto for that different translation or understanding.  And I know some are sold cheaply so people like us can pick them up and give them away. God’s word is meant to be shared.  This Bible was given but never received.

This evening during prayer and praise service, the Lord impressed me.  Wrap it up. Take it back to his place of employment and let him know, the Lord is not done with him yet. This Bible belongs to him.  His name is engraved on this Word of Life because the Lord wants to engrave his name on the Lamb’s Book of Life. The Lord wants him to receive.

By the way, the next garage sale we shopped, had a Bible for sale for $5.00.  We didn’t buy that one. 

How much is your faith worth? 

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path
Psalm 119:105

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
John 10:10



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