Below is a post from my daughter’s journal.  She shared this with the teen sunday school class at our church. I’m very proud of her for allowing her heart to be vulnerable to the Lord..but mostly for sharing such pearls of wisdom from her young heart. Being a minister’s daughter doesn’t exclude her from trials, struggles and the judgement of others.  Like all other teens trying to find their place, she faces the same struggles and hurts. I pray that her love for the Lord will be contagious among her generation! 

To maintain it’s purity, I did not edit the writing.  I believe the content will have a great impact that I would not want to detract from it’s value by making grammatical corrections. I think it will show the heart of this beautiful 13-year old child of God.

From the heart of Sarah…..

Dear friends,

There are times when we feel really scared, lost, useless, ugly, worthless, stupid, but we really aren’t because there is One who will understand us all the time, in everything we do. There are times we hurt ourselves and others, just so we don’t feel that pain anymore, we mat think of cutting, doing drugs, murder, suicide but that’s not the answer. please try to understand that I’m not trying to judge you at all. The One and Only that will always be there for us is our Heavenly Father. People may call you some pretty harsh names but GOD NEVER WILL. You may want to cry cause of them right then and there but you hold them in till your alone, but your never alone. everyone is different but you shouldn’t hurt yourself and other because of the pain, cause the pain may leave but it will come back, but it will be worse. It may still be there when you’re an adult but that’s cause you didn’t let it go to God so He can get rid of it. Cause if it’s not gone then you’ll never heal till you do. My favorite saying is “Without the bad times we wouldn’t appreciate the good times.”, cause if life was good ALL the time what would be there to appreciate?? so even if the bad times are pain full then the good times won’t. There are people that will listen – a school consular, your friends, family (if it’s not an abusive family) -but the One that will always listen is God!! God will listen more then anyone else will. He is a great listener, so you should go to Him first. He can help you more then anyone can, you just need to ask for his help and believe that He can help you. Please remember that hurting yourself and others is painful to God. Remember that God and others are here to listen to you. Please believe me cause I’ve gone throw it, but with the help of God and my family an friends I was able to. Many people have called me fat, ugly, weird, and lots of other things, but I learned that to God I’m beautiful just the way I am, and I don’t have to change for anyone. So talk to God first. I know three songs that helped me threw it, by Zoegirl look them up. For the beauty it was ”Plain”. For the pain and thinking about cutting it was “Scream” and “Forever 17” hope they help you like they did me. Talk to God and people that will listen to you, about your problems. My friends know they can talk to me and I wont judge them.

Good luck!!


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