Is That You God?

This morning service was a wonderful challenge in my faith.  Recently, I felt I hit a roadblock in the music the Lord has given me. I want to see the Lord do so many wonderful things but have been fearful that I get in His way! Do I pitch the song to so-n-so?  Do I line up singing events? What is it that He wants me to do now that the CD is done???  Is this the right time to move it forward?  Should I wait?  You know, the questions we all face when we know the Lord is going to use us…but HOW GOD??!

 I woke up this morning and the Lord told me to sing, “Walk A Mile” during the offertory.  This is a song the Lord gave me a couple of years back.  Its message is about who we were before Christ (a mess), and who we are with Christ (victorious!)!  It gives a message of hope, encouragement and camaraderie, as we journey through this life together, granting forgiveness and grace as the Lord has given us.

I truly am blessed and honored that God would choose to use me in the music ministry. “Walk A Mile” is such an anointed song! What I love is that I get so lost in the message that when I hear it, it ministers and blesses me and then I think, “Oh yea, that’s me singing!” Then, an overwhelming sense of humility brings tears to my eyes when I think God can use me in that manner.

Anytime I sing a song, I ask the Lord, “What would you like me to share today, if anything?”  The same holds true for this morning’s worship service.

He reminded me of a dream I had a few nights back.  I was dreaming I was at a large function, some kind of company event with a lot of people.  I had made my way to the ladies’ room.  While there, the voice of the Lord said, “Go to your car!” 

I thought, “Go to my car? Why do I need to go to my car? I don’t want to go to my car.” 

Well, being disobedient to His voice, I walked back to the main party area.  As I was halfway making my way to the door and still trying to be a part of the party, a number of men with weapons showed themselves.  They had taken over the party and now we were all hostages. I remember telling someone, “I was just in the bathroom and the Lord told me to go to my car. But, I didn’t listen!”

How many times do we just not listen? 

My son is a brilliant young mind. He’s one who has to understand the “who, what, why” of everything.  So, when we give him instruction, the questions start rolling out!  I appreciate his thirst for knowledge. But, like many parents, there are times we say, “Just trust me!”  Often times, I will explain the cause and effect but sometimes, there just may not be time or the moment may not be the right place or time to reveal it.  Sometimes, all we have opportunity to give is the instruction.

 In my dream, I think the Lord was telling me…”Don’t worry about who, what and why…just take what I give you for now and TRUST ME!”

 The message today, walked us a mile in Peter’s shoes.  An ordinary man who Jesus chose to be an Apostle…not a perfect fact, one who would befriend Jesus but also deny Him.  One who came to know in his heart, that Jesus is the Messiah…but nonetheless, experienced the very same fears as you and I.

 Matthew 14: 26-31: And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a ghost; and they cried out for fear. But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid. And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me to come upon the waters. And he said, Come. And Peter went down from the boat, and walked upon the waters to come to Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried out, saying, Lord, save me.  And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and took hold of him, and saith unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

This is the 2nd time this week that this scripture was presented to me.  When I heard it this morning in the message, I just chuckled and said, “Okay, God.  I get it!” 

I cherish “the gift” He has given me so much that I don’t want to mess up His plan with it.  I don’t want to fall on my face and just let the music fall to the wayside or even do the wrong thing at the wrong time.  I want to see this song and all the others reach MILLIONS of lives. Not for fame or fortune…but for the sake of the Gospel.  Because Jesus loved me so much that He came down from Heaven and died on a cross for me.  Because He took my sin and the sin of the world upon Himself because in ourselves, we could never rid ourselves of the stain of sin. Without Jesus, we would never attain everlasting life with the Father.  He came to set us free from our sinful lives, that we have a joy and hope for tomorrow. 

So, with this, I say, “Lord, take this ordinary woman and do extraordinary things for the kingdom of Heaven! And when I am fearful, Lord, stretch out your hand and lift me up and renew my faith.” 

As for the music, it’s all His anyway. I just need to listen for instruction, trust and obey.



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