Our First Christmas

Our first Christmas together, Sam and I wanted to do something special.  He moved to Alaska from Arizona and I from Texas.  Aside from his brother and their family here, the rest of our family was down in the Lower 48.

We sent a letter to all our friends and family down south requesting one special gift:  a Christmas ornament…one that would describe themselves…it could be funny, serious, glass, plastic whatever, as long as it would remind us of them!  We were pleasantly surprised by the tremendous response.  We received a Texas A&M ornament, Tazmanian Devil’s, Angels, Bears, Wreaths, a Bible (from my grandma!) and so many more! It was awesome!

Each year, we cheerfully adorn our tree with loved ones from afar.  It is a special time of remembrance of the friends who have made an impact in our lives.  We’ve thought about putting up a tree with a “theme” like all bows or the same ornaments…you know, like in the stores…but can never bring ourselves to do it.  The theme we have is perfect.

Of course, we’ve added some over the years as our children bless us with handmade ones!  Each year, Sam’s mother gives “the girls” an ornament, which I love!  We’ve only purchased a small handful of ornaments because my daughter loves pretty things!  Some have touched her heart and she just couldn’t leave them! 

Seventeen years later, our tree still adorns the treasures of our family and friends. Although, we have taken special care to keep them in good shape, we’ve lost a few along the way.  Ironically, each year, I think of the ones we lost. Even though they are no longer hanging on the tree, they are there in my heart.

So, newlyweds, college folks, or anyone else needing a touch of the Christmas spirit…. send out some letters today…. give folks a date you want them back…and enjoy the gift of adornment as they start rolling in.  Start your tradition this year by putting up the best tree ever!

Feliz Navidad!


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